Green Carpet Cleaning for Durham and the NC Triangle

Spring Special!
3 rooms and a hallway
Offer expires June 15, 2018

Goldleaf Cleaning, LLC is a BBB Accredited Cleaning Service in Durham, NC
We guarantee all our services. If a customer is not satisfied, we return to the job site and if, after a second visit, they are not completely satisfied, we offer a refund.
Carpet cleaning wand

We use safe, non-toxic, green carpet cleaning products that really work to leave your carpets looking, feeling and smelling their best.

Call (919) 972-8357 (or text) for an appointment or more information.

We do Green Cleaning with the best product on the market. We use a green carpet cleaner that is the only product made with natural enzymes (rather than synthetic enzymes) that are able to remove grease and oil based stains. Our citrus based product has a powerful cleaning impact on stains and leaves behind a fragrant citrus smell that is also a natural deodorizer. We have tried many other green carpet cleaning products that are cheaper and locally available, but none have met our high standards. So we have stayed with the one that allows us to powerfully clean carpets without exposing humans or animals to the usual toxic chemicals used in carpet cleaning.