Goldleaf Cleaning brings together green commercial cleaning approaches with committed people to enhance your work environment. We customize our environmentally friendly services to fit your needs. We clean in a way that makes work environments healthier, safer, and adds value to the workplace.

Our company is a product of Solution Generators Network, a nonprofit with a passion for creating co-operative work spaces, with the goal of creating employment for previously marginalized workers. Through a co-operative structure, workers will own a share of the profits of their own labor. This allows us to give workers living wages over time and still keep our prices competitive.



Our goal is to be the gold standard for high quality cleaning businesses. Goldleaf is dedicated to customer satisfaction, employee well-being, and healthy green choices. We are committed to quality care in all aspects of our business. We hire workers who are self- starters and are motivated to do only the best work. We regularly monitor our work places to ensure high quality standards.